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Door Closer Selection

Selection of door closer size is judged in two ways. Firstly, does the door closer have the strength to effectively close the door against unexpected air pressures? Secondly, is the door closer oversize and therefore affecting the ease of operation? Efficiency of the door closer also has a major bearing on the ease of operation. For optimum performance it is essential that a highly efficient door closer of the correct size is selected.

In the past, selection of the correct door closer size for a particular application has been, at best, an educated guess. The introduction of spring strength adjustability, allowing fine tuning of strength on site, has certainly simplified this task but not removed all of the guesswork. With more architects and engineers becoming conscious of the problems caused by incorrect selection of door closer strength, it has become the responsibility of manufacturers to provide better technical information, such as closing torque and efficiency, on their products.

The following charts have been produced by UNION to cover most conditions. If you have an unusual application which you feel requires special consideration, please forward all relevant information to your local UNION office and we will be happy to advise the best door control for the application.

Always round up to the next door width (i.e. for 870 mm door use 950 mm). If parallel arm installation, then use next door width line (i.e. for 870 mm door Pa use 950 mm). For internal doors deduct 200 mm from actual door width (i.e. for 1150 mm internal door use 950 line). This chart is based on normal climactic conditions (ie pressure differential of 30Pa or wind speed of 15 knots).

If more severe conditions are expected then use the next door width or consult the UNION office in your region.