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Components Used


The main body is manufactured by casting. This casting made with a non porous material. This is then machined very precisely to assemble other parts in it.Suitable material for Casting is Cast Iron, Aluminum alloy.


The spring is an essential part of hydraulic door closer as it acts as the power source of the system. The spring should be of proper length and strength. The spring constant for the spring should of precise value.Suitable material for Spring is Steel.


Nuts are used to cover the main body at its open ends. Basically two types of nuts are used, each in a quantity of two, they are the back nuts and the side nuts. The side nuts also provide support to the pinion to move on them. These nuts are manufactured by the process of casting and then machined for accuracy. Suitable material for Nut is Cast Iron, Steel and Brass.


Piston is used to compress the spring and the hydraulic oil present in the main bore of the main body. It moves as we open the door.Suitable material for Piston is Cast Iron, Steel Aluminum Alloy.


Rack is made jointly over the piston; the piston is machined on one side with the help of milling cutter to make the rack on the piston.


Pinion is basically a gear on which the rack moves. This pinion is placed on the side nuts and serves the platform for the hydraulic mechanism of the closer.Suitable material for Pinion is Cast Iron, Steel Aluminum Alloy.


These are generally known as `packing washers`, these are placed between the side nuts and the pinion, the main purpose for these is to prevent leakage of oil when the pinion rotates on the opening of the door. Suitable material of Washer is Neoprene Rubber, Cork Sheet.


This is also called `speed screw`, this is placed inside the nozzle and controls the flow of hydraulic oil when door is in its closing position. This screw is tapered from front and easily adjustable externally to adjust the speed of the door closer. Suitable material for Speed Screw is Brass, Bronze.


The oil used in the mechanism should be an all weather resistant homogenous high viscosity hydraulic fluid. This oil is filled in the main bore of the main body and is approximately 30 ml.


This is the arm which is fixed to the frame with the help of a clamp; it consists of an inbuilt nut ant bolt which is used to adjust the position of the door closer relative to the door.Suitable material for Adjusting Arm is Steel, Aluminum Alloy.


This arm is bolted to the door closer and also connected to the adjusting arm. Proper angle between the both is very important for proper working of door closer.Suitable material for Main Arm is Steel, Aluminum Alloy.


Clamp is used to fasten the adjusting arm to the frame or door. Suitable material for clamp is Cast Iron, Steel, Forged Steel Then with the help of spray gun and compressor the door closers are painted with the required color for example golden, silver, brown, teak etc. Finally the door closer is kept in a furnace to dry up and give an excellent finish.